This research study was commissioned by Bostock and Pollitt to examine perceptions of the brand identities of London’s West End, City and Canary Wharf office markets.

These locations form the heart of the London office market and, as such, the identities they project - their brand values - play a key role in attracting office occupiers to the capital.

The intention of the study was to take a "standback" from the particularities of the locations and look at how the overall identity of each has evolved in recent times, where they are headed and what that means for the brand that each location projects to occupiers.

Through one-to-one interviews with developers, owners and agents across these three key markets the research aims to identify trends and examine whether current office marketing is in step with the changing identities of each location. To encourage frankness, each interviewee was also able to speak "off the record" when desired.

In addition to giving their views on brand characteristics, interviewees were asked about what concepts and products they might associate with the locations.


We are grateful for the participation of the interviewees listed below who agreed to contribute their thoughts to the study. All comments are primarily those of the individual concerned and not a statement of official company or organisation policy.

  • Mike Ingall


    Allied London

  • Roger Madelin

    Joint CEO


  • Tim Roberts

    Head of Offices

    British Land

  • John Garwood

    Group Company


    Canary Wharf Group

  • James Gillett


    Capita Symonds

  • Stuart Fraser

    Policy & Resources


    City of London


  • Simon Tann


    DE & J Levy

  • Richard Banks

    Managing Director

    European Land

  • Claudia Johnson

    Investment Manager

    London Offices


  • Tony Joyce

    Director City Offices

    GVA Grimley

  • Patrick O’Keefe

    Director West End


  • Martin Wallace


    Montagu Evans

  • Martin Jepson

    MD London Group


  • Peter Ferrari

    Managing Director

    Property Development

    Heron International

  • Paul Smith



  • Simon Wilkes

    Head of Development

    Legal & General

    Investment Management

  • Robert Noel

    Managing Director

    London Portfolio

    Land Securities